Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Eclipse Quirks

Here's a garden variety of Eclipse quirks and gotschas:

  • I frequently use Ctrl-, and Ctrl-. to move between next and previous usage of the current variable. It suddenly stopped working recently and to my surprise I, found that this functionality requires the two following settings to be set correctly:
    • the Next Annotation needs to have Occurances checked (it can be accesses from the standard toolbar under a button with an arrow and a dot), and
    • the Toggle Marke Occurances needs to be on (button with a highlighter)
  • A maven project got stuck with an old set of dependencies and Maven plugin Update Project Configuration doesn't help, even if repeated 7 times.
    Answer: When you do the Update Project Dependencies, check the Force Update of Snapshots/Releases.
    Background: May be, for maven gurus, it should have been obvious what I was missing, but that just means I'm not one of them.  It's true, that only SNAPSHOT and RELEASE dependencies were stuck, and yet it took me almost two hours of tearing my hair off.