Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Brief Visual History of PDA's

Today, I had to stay home and take care of our youngest one for a couple of hours. He was very busy playing out the story of Joseph being almost killed and then sold by his loving brothers, that I decided to do some cleanup. Since my G1 phone is more or less setup, I decided to trash the older PDA I used to use and which I still kept in my drawer. I had a moment of nostalgia and so I ended up saving for some of my memories for the generations to come.

Most of my adventure with PDA's is captured by the following picture:

I have been using all these PDA's, including Treo 90, the most fun one, in addition to the cell phone. Finally, with G1, I have one device instead of two. I didn't stress it: I was actually carrying the two devices always with me, wherever I went. One in my pocket and another in a little holster. I got rid of the holster now, which made my wife happy. She never liked this extra decoration. And, besides the two functions being one fullfilled by a single gadget, I must say I enjoy the G1 a lot. It's appearance doesn't give it justice. Really.

There is much more to say about this little brief history topic, but my time is limited while I want to have some left to play with extending WikiNotes app into a more fully developed wiki application. Yes, for G1, or I should rather say, for Android.

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