Monday, December 14, 2009

Using JSON RESTfull Web Services in A Flex Application

Choice of JSON Library for Flex
After a few hours of googling, I have decided that the strongest candidate is the corelib library, which for ActionScript 3 is called as3corelib. It's hosted on Google code, although there are multiple references to it on Adobe website. However, none of these references pointed me to any trace of corelib on Adobe website. I wasn't able to figure out why. Leave a comment if you know the story behind.

It seems, that Flash Builder 4 comes with a HTTPService Wizard, which can import a JSON webservice, among other formats.

Limitations of Flash HttpService for RESTfull Webservices
The problem is that because FlashPlayer uses the browser for all networking operations, and Safari browser supports only Post and Get operations, HttpService doesn't support Put, Delete, Headers and Options operations. As a workaround, there is a library hosted on Google Code called RestHttpService, that can be used.

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