Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Options for Java Middle-Tier of an RIA Application

Choice of Standard/Framework
Here's my best option or two for each area:
  • Persistence:

    • JPA. Use implementation-specific annotations only where unavoidable, and mark them in a way that will allow you to find all of them easily.
  • Transaction Management: EJB 3.1
  • Dependency Injection: EJB 3.1
  • Security: EJB 3.1
  • Exposing required web services:EJB 3.1
  • AOP: EJB 3.1 if their support for AOP is sufficient for you. Otherwise: Spring
  • Other:

    • Singletons: EJB 3.1
  • JPA: I use Hibernate, but the whole advantage of JPA is, that which provider you use is much less important than it used to be.
  • Application Server: Glassfish 3. It does support EJB 3.1.

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