Thursday, April 16, 2015

Substituting Voice in the Movie with Another Voice

The Task

I had a movie, in AVI format with only some random noise.  And I had a voice in an MP3 file (actually, it was a 3GP file format).  I wanted put the voice into the movie

The Method

  • Download and install VirtualDub application (I had version 1.10.4 on WinXP).
  • If you have a desired audio in a 3GP format, just rename the file by changing the file extension to MP3.
  • Convert audio to WAV (I used MusicBee for this).
  • Open the video file in VirtualDub.
  • Set the following in VD:
    • In Video menu, set Direct Stream Copy
    • In Audio menu, chose Audio from the other file and select the WAV file
    • From File menu, choose Save as AVI

 The Result

The generated AVI file was only 78.3 MB, while the original video was 76.3 MB and the WAV file was 3.85 MB.  Quality was just fine.  Sync didn't matter and I can't ass it.

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