Wednesday, April 22, 2015

SVN Externals - Create and Edit in Tortoise SVN Client

SVN let's you create links inside the repository.  For example, if with your project A you always need a module B, which is in another part of the SVN repo, you may want to create a svn:external to B in A.

  • open the project A in repo browser
  • right-click on the project and select properties
  • click New->Externals to create a new one or select it and click Edit to modify an existing one
  • point the external to B and carefully consider whether you want to point it to the HEAD or to a specific version; the latter will make your project A always build regardless of what happens with project B
The same dialogs you can access from windows menu of folder A of the working copy, from the Subversion tab. Once you're there, click on Properties.

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