Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SVN - Merging the Same Change

Sometimes, I seem to be getting a conflict when trying to commit a change to SVN, if someone else has already committed the same exactly change before me.

So, I create a little repo with a single Java file in it and branched it.  Let's assume the file is like this:

1:    Line1  
2:    Line2  
3:    Line3  
4:    xxx NIE yyy  
5:    Line5  
6:    Line6  
7:    Line7  

On the trunk, I have changed NIE to TAK and Line2 to XXX and committed the change.  On the the branch, I have changed NIE to TAK and Line6 to YYY and committed the change as well.  When I merged the changes in trunk into the working copy of the branch, I've got only a change of Line2 brought in.

So, the conclusion is, that an identical change is merged by SVN smoothly, even if other non-matching changes were found nearby.  Or possibly, it's not SVN but the merge tool, which in my case was the Tortoise SVN built in merge tool.

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