Monday, July 13, 2015

GrooveIP, RingTo - Calling and Especially: Receiving Calls


From Android, you can and receive voice calls within continental US over VoIP, even from abroad.  The app, I use is called GrooveIP.  It's a paid but not expensive app.  Since Google Voice stopped providing free calling to continental US, GrooveIP entered into a collaboration with a company called RingTo.

How to start?

You need to open a GV account, buy and install GrooveIP, set in GV your RingTo number as forwarding number.  Contrary to suggestions found on internet, I have not setup forwarding to Google Chat, but only to my RingTo number. It looks like this:

How to send a call?

Open GrooveIP, login to RingTo, if it doesn't do it automagically (often it does) and punch the destination number.  Just like on a regular phone dialer.  The rest is straightforward as well.

How to receive a call?

Open GrooveIP and wait for the ring. If it doesn't ring, but instead you receive a voicemail email from RingTo into you gmail, there are two things to check:
  • GV forwards your call to the last active gmail login. So, don't open your gmail app after you open GrooveIP (I'm guessing, GrooveIP actually logs into gmail, too).
  • Open GrooveIP settings. Make sure the "Dial 1 on Answer" option is checked.

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