Saturday, July 18, 2015

I Need Web Hosting Service - Small Size


I decided to host my genealogy tree using TNG software.  And so, I need webhosting service.  Small. Neither my tree is big, nor do I expect havey traffic to it, since I plan to open it only to my extended family.

First Impressions from Market Search

First, skip all companies advertising $2 hosting a month.  Haven't found one, that has a similar price for more than a first month.  Second, you may skip the so-called unlimited hosting.  At best, they will shutdown your service when when you generate more than average traffic from and to it.  Then, there are companies that squeeze so much from their hardware, that their server response is terrible, although basically everything works.  After this, you get prices of some $5 a month or more.  And this with only 500MB of disk space.  This was US market.

If you speak Polish, or are adventurous, go for polish web hosting.  They're still a jungle, but I have found a opinion based ranking of polish web hosting services at  That website has also filterable collection of over 4K older and recent user opinions, So, you can easily check just opinions, for linuxpl, which is the company that seem to make my cut. It seems, for 2GB disk space with 50GB transfer (monthly) they charge about $13 a year.


I'll report on progress and my experience as I go.

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